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Share the Skies with Balloon Rides in Spokane!

For family and friends, whether for business or pleasure, Balloon Rides in Spokane provides a unique way to bond and create lasting memories. Experienced professionals who handle everything from romantic getaways to large corporate or family events are available to pilot you on a balloon adventure. Balloon Rides in Spokane is the principal provider of hot air balloon adventures in Washington and through our network of hot air balloon experts.

Call 1-855-527-6429 today to embark on a Balloon Ride in Spokane and view Washington like never before!

Experience Magic Above Washington

This experience is a perfect escape; like a carpet ride in the air! Reserve a hot air balloon ride in Spokane today for a wedding charter, an exclusive ride, or a special occasion with friends or family. We also provide ballooning bed and breakfast getaways, corporate advertising, and team building activities around Spokane.

If you are looking for a gift that will always be remembered, ask our representatives about purchasing a Gift Certificate for a Balloon Ride in Spokane. Nothing compares to this airborne experience and our gift certificates come with the most perks in the industry!

Come enjoy the city from the air with Balloon Rides in Spokane. We are available to provide the ultimate getaway and sometimes get people, like yourself, on a Balloon Ride in Spokane in as little as 24 hours.

Private Balloon Rides in Spokane

Are you looking for a little extra romance on your balloon ride in Spokane? Private balloon rides add the necessary touch to make your Balloon Ride in Spokane as romantic as possible!

Private balloon rides in Spokane consist of 2 passengers and the pilot. The length of the ride is the same as a shared basket, but will be followed by a champagne toast. Balloon Rides in Spokane will stop at nothing to ensure that your private balloon ride is as personalized as possible and surpasses all of your expectations! What are you waiting for? Give us a call and reserve your private balloon ride in Spokane, today!

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Regulations may prohibit hot air balloon rides within the Spokane city limits. Local balloon ride affiliates are conveniently located near Spokane, Washington. "Balloon Rides in Spokane" is a popular search term for hot air balloon rides in the greater Spokane area and is not intended as a guarantee of location. Please call Balloon Rides in Spokane at 1-855-527-6429 for the launch site nearest you!